Far sleeker than it's predecessor, but heavier due to the increased power requirements and the food required to maintain the biological system.


Unlocking this craft requires 5 minutes of flight time with the B-1A Digitalius.


[Enhanced Vegetation Synthesis]

Based on the B-1A and its plant-like Bydo armor. Power is increased 70% over the original R-9A. However, it is weighted down because of the need to carry a large supply of nutrient solution to maintain the reinforced armor.



Bit Device




Wave Cannon


Bwf-1A2 Jigitarius 2 -Bio Unit-

Unit with a structure similar to plants. Can self-repair. [Attachment: Flower Force]


Units: 5

Fuel: 40

Charge: 2 Turn

Radar: 3

Speed: 3+

Evade: 32%


Force Enabled (Flower Force)

Charge Enabled




Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Notes
Eye Missile+ 8 47 56 2-2 50% A/C Guided Improved weapon that emits explosive Bydo parts shaped like eyeballs. Although power is high, accuracy is slightly lower.
Seed Gun II 2 Turns 65 77 --- 100% ATK Physical Enhanced high-power cannon, condensing Bydo life force. Seed-like energy shoots out of the plant, damaging the target. Charge Weapon.
Force Enabled
Seed Cannon 5 48 57 1-1 40% A/C Optical Attack performed by an attached Flower Force, resulting in highly compressed Bydo life energy being shot out as a runaway seed.
Spike Laser 14 35 42 2-2 60% A/C Vector Attack from the tentacles of an attached Flower Force, which continuously fires thorn-like energy.
Flower Swing 14 35 42 2-2 75% A/C Vector Attack from the tentacles of an attached Flower Force, which releases petal-shaped Bydo energy.

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