A Space Corps fighter traveling in Anti Space nearby some Daris and Ralma.

Anti-Space is a strange dimension created by the Gridlocks, a pair of Bydo creatures. Most beings who come here change into wireframe versions of themselves.

The enemies here seem to be "forgotten" by the Bydo, thus there are several wireframe Cancers, and other basic Bydo.

Humanity knows little about Anti-Space, except that it is in a basic sense, composed of geometrical and crystalline shapes, as well as infinite depth. Two basic structures make up the most understandable part of Anti-Space, these are known as Ralma and Daris. Ralma appears to be a red line from what humans can see. It makes a constant circuit around itself. Usually it will have a small geometrical object somewhere on the line that is vulnerable to attack. Destroying it seems to eventualy end the line entirely. It's speculated that this is the connection point of the line to itself, and if destroyed, the line can't exist.

Daris however is a blue entity, and can either appear as a line working like Ralma, or as geometric shapes. Usually it is only seen as the shapes however. These shapes appear to be able to reflect off Ralma, and posess a danger when they impact Space Corps fighters. They can be easily destroyed however, but larger Daris pose a larger threat and are harder to destroy.

Together these entitys apparently have founded the foundation of Anti-Space, working as the strange forces of nature in the dimension. The Gridlocks themselves are both Red and Blue, each color symbolizing something. Red, as revealed in R-Type Command/Tactics, symbolizes ferocity, and blue symbolizes pride.

There appear to be other entities making up the grids that appear in the backround in the level. It's revealed in R-Type Command that these are composed of the same materials as in Dimension 26, making it possible that Anti-Space is a sub-dimension of Dimension 26. From what humanity can understand from this, is that each line of the grids in the backround is a line of Twisted Space, which seems to slow time and movement. Where each grid meets, is a bright dot. These dots are Time Distortions apparently, where no physical matter is capable of existing. There are various geometric digital objects floating through Anti Space that seem to be indestructible masses. Them colliding with Space Corps ships appears to be fatal. The rest of Anti-Space seems to be simply composed of normal Contorted Space.

After the stage is completed, the pilot is sent to stage F-C.


"Even in another dimension, the Bydo retain

retain their terrifying ability to adapt....

....and their instinct for destruction?

That remains unchanged."