Anchor Force in R-Type Final.

This is a merciless Force, as it latches onto enemies and doesn't release until there's nothing left. The control rods are aimed forward instead of back, and act as a claw that attaches to the target. Pilots should be aware that this Force's strength lies in physical contact; the beams, while potent, are not the main focus of this Force. The Chain Force was the test model that provided the technology for the energetic chain that links the Force to the fighter, typically the R-13A Cerberus.

It allows the pilot to use the following beams with the appropriate Laser Crystal:

  • Red: Shade Alpha: Produces a steady thin beam, which leaves a shadowy trail behind it as it moves. This "shade" also deals damage.
  • Blue: Search Beta: These lasers can move up to 45 degrees diagonally to find a target.
  • Yellow: Terminator Gamma: Fires a strafing beam with a 180 degree field of effect in front of the fighter, starting straight down and ending straight up.

When detached, this Force does not possess ranged attacks.


The claw-shaped rods bite into objects they come into contact with as a means of destroying that object. It is linked to the Warship by a flexible beam of energy which is useful in damaging enemies and absorbing their fire.

The Force’s natural instinct to destroy is conveyed to the talon-like Control Rod. This prompts it to greedily devour any object it comes in contact with. The Control Rod alone is insufficient to manage the vast amounts of Bydo energy. An additional control line is connecting (connected) to the fighter directly.


F-ANC Anchor Force -Force-

Force controlled by a Claw remote, providing far more destructive power than a standard Force.


  • HP: 130
  • Fuel: 100
  • Radar: 2
  • Speed: 2
  • Evade: 25%


  • Bydo Analysis 2 (RTT1 Only)
  • Tentacle Control Rod (RTT2 Only)
  • Blitz Reader (RTT2 Only)
  • Anchor Remote
  • 30 Solonium
  • 130 Bydogen


Name Ammo Power ACE Power Range Hit Use Type Note
Bydo Shot 99 10 11 1-1 45% A/C Machine Gun Standard Bydo weapon. Has short range and low power, but limitless ammunition.
Anchor Ram 99 78 93 1-1 75% ATK Ram Anchor Force's ramming function. Deals greater damage than the standard Force Ram.

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