Allene is a model of bipedal tank. Unlike Bink, however, Allene was initially designed as a combat vehicle, before being co-opted by the Bydo. Now, they travel in large hunting packs, firing Bydo Shots at any non-Bydo they encounter. Allenes are constantly on the move, and frequently seen blithely walking past targets while taking potshots.


R-Type Final

The first 2 legged vehicle, used in 3D battles. It was developed for 3D movement during battle. It can climb better than wheels or treads, but its most significant feature is its ability to drop long distances. Movement seems sluggish, but it can run at 27 MPH. The ride is not as rough as one would think.

Allene D

  • Class: Bydo
  • Designation: Walking Tank?
  • HP Level: 1
  • Location: Anti-Space

The Allene is a biped tank, but this one was somehow left behind in this dimension. A very unusual entity.

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