The Spray Wave Cannon is not hampered by weak enemy ships and can inflict lots of damage quickly against larger targets. The length of the spray increases with charge level. Pilots need to know that, after a certain distance, the spray will veer upwards; skilled pilots can use this to their advantage. Quick application of this weapon is effective for wiping out groups, but another spray cannot be charged until the first cloud has completely dissipated.

Acid Spray

This curiously strong weapon blasts a spray of acid ahead of the craft.

R-Type Final

2 Loop Max. A totally original design that damage enemies by spraying acidic gas. Spray time varies according to the amount of charge.

The experimental craft B-3A Misty Lady was also put to work testing this weapon.

Nitro Spray

The Nitro Spray is functionally identical to the Acid Spray, except that it is more powerful and allows a third charge loop for additional spray volume.

R-Type Final

3 Loop Max. Uses an explosive gas instead of an acidic gas. The energy charge has been increased and the maximum spray time has been extended.

Though the B-3A2 Misty Lady II wasn't as useful as the developers hoped, this Wave Cannon is the best thing to emerge from the project.

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