AI VS Mode is a feature in R-Type Final that allows pilots to set up automated battles between two R-Craft. Different kinds of strategies can be implemented and customized, and craft have a health bar. Running simulations here doesn't have any impact on the story of Final, and is more of a mini-game feature.


The AI VS Mode features the AI Setting, Battles, Championship and many more. Players are only allowed to change the AI settings for the ships, up to 8 AIs can be customized.


In this mode, players must advance up to 5 classes started from the lowest, each class has the 4 opponent ships that needed to beat. Each battle from the ship requires two wins in order to complete the battle. Below here are the classes available with the ship opponents:

Novice Class
I.    R-9A Arrowhead        
II.   R-9D2 Morning Star      
III.  R-9ER2 Unchained Silence 
IV.   R-9B3 Sleipnir          

Normal Class
V.    R-9WB Happy Days     
VI.   RX-10 Albatross        
VII.  R-9A4 Wave Master      
VIII. R-9AD3 King's Mind     

Upper Class
IX.   TP-2 POW Armor         
X.    R-13A Cerberus          
XI.   R-9SK2 Dominions        
XII.  R-9DH3 Concert  Master    

High Class
XIII. B-1D Bydo System Alpha 
XIV.  TL-2A Achilleus         
XV.   R-9Leo2 Leo II            
XVI.  OF-1 Daedalus 

XVII. R-902 Ragnarok II 

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